ONE HOUR — $59.95


Our first cowgirl fantasy introduces Yvonne as the sexy caped bandit White Mask, who is burglarizing a house for some hidden cash. Outside, Eve instructs her hired gun Hollywood to go into the same house to collect the booty. The cocky black-hatted gunfighter is undone by her overconfidence as she is cold-cocked from behind by White Mask. When Eve enters to revive her Hollywood, the brash gunslinger orders her employer out, swearing that she won't be caught by surprised next time. When White Mask again overpowers Hollywood, Eve has no choice but to get personally involved. With both Eve and Hollywood coming at her at once, will White Mask be able to beat the odds.


Our second cowgirl yarn brings back Yvonne as White Mask, once again facing off against Hollywood, who has now donned the identity of Black Mask. She enters the same home White Mask is ransacking, and promptly overcomes the heroine. White Mask is then unmasked, disarmed and tied up as her black-suited nemesis continues searching for the same valuable floppy disk White Mask was looking for. They decide to join forces but the allegiance is soon broken as White Mask double-crosses Black Mask and knocks her out. There are takedowns and recoveries galore as the masked bandits duke it out all over the living room and into the bedroom. Which beautiful bandit will walk out of the house in triumph?