ONE HOUR — $59.95


Two of our newest girls, the bountiful blonde Tanya and the delectable dark-haired Jewell, meet in the DT ring for the first time, and it's definitely loath at first sight. After verbally trashing each other's figure, style sense and wrestling ability the two hellcats proceed to rip into each other in this all-out ring riot. They waste no tame tearing off their flimsy tops as they wantonly use their ample assets as both smothering weapons and targets of clawing torture. Not much science here as they use their legs as vises, clamp each other in breast to breast bearhugs, grab crotches, and twist limbs to the breaking point. Tanya may have the height advantage, but Jewell is as hard-edged as her name. After a seemingly endless barrage of kicks, chokes, flips and blows, a final facesit leaves one sun-drenched beauty breathless and beaten.


Our second match pairs off our all-time most popular ladies, Francesca, in a powder-blue bikini, and Mia, in a black one-piece. After comparing past victories, they decide to prove which of them is the better battler in a multi-fall, knockout ring challenge. And, as any true DT customer knows, these girls really know their way around a ring and the knockouts are both furious and varied. Mia, who originally trained Francesca, decides to take the advantage early and doesn't wait for the opening bell as she punches the startled Latin into the corner. Francesca is no easy mark, however, and quickly turns the tables. The first fall is won when one girl is punched unconscious. And, that's only the beginning. Chokes, pressure holds, bites to the crotch, and sleepers are only part of the awesome arsenal of knockout maneuvers used. When one grappler is tied to the ring ropes, the match devolves into a torture session with one poor girl's body groped, punched and fondled with sadistic glee. It's quite a finale-but is it really over?