ONE HOUR — $59.95


Back by popular demand! More pro-style action featuring some of the mat's best grapplers. This time we spotlight two pros wrestling for the first time in the DT ring, Brandy Alexander and Lexie Fyfe. The holds and throws fill the screen like exploding fireworks as expertly applied wrestling maneuvers (mixed in with the occasional dirty tactic) turns the advantage from one lady to the other. These women have wrestled each other before and they both have a lot to prove. In the end one tortured gladiator has to submit, but not until both women have been put through the ringer several times.


Two more grapplers who have faced each other before make a return engagement in our second match. Unique Tigress Leigh learned a valuable, and humiliating, wrestling lesson from the ring veteran Cheryl "Lightning" Rusa in Tape #449 and she's determined to show the seasoned pro just how much she's learned. This competitive, submission-only match features many well-executed holds, with the Mighty Mite learning all too well that the Unique One is a quick, and determined study. Some truly painful holds almost force each contender to surrender, but each soldiers on despite the pain. Chokes and blows are added to the mix until one tired grappler is softened up for a truly body-straining submission.