ONE HOUR — $59.95


It's a bright sunny day as Dina Marie, Eve and Candi prepare for the taping of another DT match. As the production assistant tries to choreograph the staged fight, Eve inadvertently lets a real kick connect with Dina's crotch. As the dark beauty doubles over in pain, Eve apologizes, but can't seem to hide her amusement. When Candi is called to punch Eve between her legs, the vengeful Dina slips the bouncy blonde a pair of brass knuckles. With one metal-fisted thrust, Eve is screaming in intense agony and the assault becomes all too real. The little redhead is pummeled mercilessly by Candi and Dina, who take particular delight in repeatedly battering Eve's tender privates. Soon defrocked of her cute white tennis dress, Eve is totally defenseless as her tormenters stand over her broken body. Suddenly, Dina and Candi turn on each other and the action continues as the camera bears silent witness to the carnage-which culminates with two beaten beauties draped over the top ropes and their delectable derrieres providing tempting targets for one final attack.


We move indoors for our second combat tale as Marjone confronts Stacy in her office, charging the blonde strumpet with cyber-dating-with Marjone's boyfriend. Stacy tries to run off, but Marjone pounces on her with a vengeance. The golden girl is dragged into the adjoining living room of Stacy's home where her head is savagely pounded against the wall. As Stacy falls to the carpet, the olive-skinned brunette pulls off her blouse and traps Stacy in a leg scissors, determined to crush the life out of the brazen blonde. Stacy is then subjected to punches to her breasts and belly. Her skin is burned as Stacy is repeatedly dragged topless across the carpet. The pounding, twisting torture continues as poor little Stacy, stripped down to her pink bikini bottoms, ends up bound to her bed and even easier prey for Marjone's malicious mauling.