OVER ONE HOUR — $59.95


Comic book legend George Pérez's sexy superbabes are back in an all-new, full-length adventure! Foxy Francesca returns as Femme Fatale, whose criminal past comes back to haunt her when government agent Broscy calls her in to face charges of sabotaging the Sisterhood of Superheroines. In flashbacks we see Femme Fatale's first violent encounter with our man Broscy, and it was during this confrontation that Femme Fatale also met government super-soldier USAngel (the lustrous Eve Ellis in her SoS debut). Along with Agent Broscy, the red-white-and-blue heroine pummeled the yellow-caped villainess until Femme Fatale was ready to be brainwashed out of her evil ways. Now, in the government office of the Network, the supposedly-reformed Femme Fatale not only re-confronts her star-spangled nemesis, but comes face-to-face with USAngel's mysterious boss, Mr. Zerpe, who threatens to destroy Femme Fatale for allegedly betraying Night Witch and Wildchild (both captured in Tape #419). After pleading for a chance to prove her innocence, Femme Fatale reluctantly agrees to become the sidekick of USAngel-who first orders Femme Fatale to strip off her costume as the agents watch.


Femme Fatale thus becomes the masked Independence Dame, and the two heroines track down Night Witch (Marjone) and Wildchild (Kat), gagged and suspended from a ceiling beam as a nuclear device is ready to blow them to bits. After the Patriotic Pair rescue the bound heroines, Wildchild is taken to Francesca's home by Independence Dame as Night Witch and USAngel search the empty storage area for a missing computer disk. Unfortunately, this all turns out to be a trap as USAngel and Independence Dame are suddenly attacked by Night Witch and Wildchild. The fight scenes shift back and forth as the heroines punch, kick and throw each other with super-charged fury. A surprise appearance by Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) adds yet another twist to this super-slamming superheroine slugfest. Directed by Pérez himself, this extra-long telefantasy features bondage, mixed action and the usual heavy-hitting action that have become the hallmark of Double Trouble Productions' most popular series ever!