1 hour — $59.95


Our first match is a violent battle between two longtime adversaries Gasae and Mia. At the beginning of this tale, a naked Mia, lying on top of a coffee table, is recovering from a past beating. She puts on her flimsy bikini bottoms just as an enraged, topless Gasae bursts through the door with a cameraman in tow. Gasae is intent on totally destroying Mia for stealing her boyfriend and wants to tape the whole destruction for posterity. As the cameraman is verbally abused repeatedly by the tyrannical Gasae, Mia is physically tortured, being knocked out over and over. Eventually, Mia is dragged into the wrestling ring where she is subjected to even more intense beatings. And it doesn't end there. When Mia later finds herself bound to her bedroom closet door, Gasae orders the cameraman to keep rolling. The torture is not over yet, not by a long shot.


The second match on this tape contains one of the most violent, bloodiest encounters we've ever filmed and we would be negligent if we didn't issue a special warning about it. It begins with extreme wrestling champion Francesca angrily pacing around the ring carrying her championship belt over her shoulder. When defiant challenger Stacy, determined to avenge her sister's brutal beating at Francesca's hands, starts to enter the ring, the Latin sadist immediately attacks the busty blonde by ramming her crotch repeatedly. Poor Stacy never gets a chance to retaliate as Francesca literally butchers the screaming blonde's privates over and over again. And when the blood begins to flow from within the pathetic victim's panties, the sexually aroused Francesca increases the torture, even using her championship belt as a weapon. This goes way beyond domination-- this is out and out slaughter! And Francesca's language is just as hardcore. This one's definitely not for the squeamish. You have been warned!