1 hour — $59.95


Those pert, sexy blonde spies, Stacy and Raq-L, return in the continuation of the spy adventure begun in Tape #446. Foreign agent Raq-L, wearing black bra, panties and hose, has recovered from her beating and follows American spy Stacy, dressed in red underwear, into the bathroom of the headquarters and uses Stacy's own red gloves to strangle the U.S. blonde. Stacy is choked into unconsciousness without revealing where she had hidden the prized computer chip. As Raq-L searches the rest area, Stacy recovers and places Raq-L in an overpowering chokehold of her own. After Stacy drags her opponent into the main parlor, the enemy agent revives again and the golden-tressed espionage agents fight on an on, taking turns knocking each other out until one sultry spy finally wins the coveted chip, leaving a beaten opponent tied up and unconscious on the floor.


Our second match is a fantasy unlike any we've ever filmed before. It begins with Santana, in barely-there bikini bottoms, working out on the parlor floor. On her hip is a prop dagger. She is preparing for an audition for a fighting Amazons movie-- which, coincidentally, the arriving Eve, also dressed only in a thong bottom with a prop blade, had also auditioned for. Each actress is now determined to prove herself the better Amazon knife fighter. With prop weapons in hand, one girl tries to overpower and "stab" the other. However, in a war game such as this, losing convincingly is just as important as coming out on top. The tide of mock battle swings back and forth as each girl belittles the other's depictions of victory and defeat. Multiple stabbings in every body part imaginable highlight this very unusual tape starring two of our most erotic grapplers.