1 hour — $59.95


As fabulous Francesca lounges on the couch, her former paramour, Mia, arrives wearing a robe and teasing her former Latin lover with the prospect that Mia is wearing nothing underneath. It's all a trap, however, and Mia savagely assaults Francesca with chokes and straddles. Francesca is only out for a moment, however and turns on the treacherous Mia with a vengeance. Eventually, one beaten babe is taken outdoors where she is hung by her wrists and tormented by her captor. The victim's crotch seems to be of particular interest to the sexually aroused dominatrix, who fondles and tortures her submissive captive's lower regions with unrestrained relish. This is all but a prelude, however, to a topless, no rules ring match between the two girls wherein Mia, who's never won a match against Francesca, swears to avenge all those past defeats. As the donnybrook begins, however, it is Francesca once again who gets the upper hand early on-- and uses it to punish Mia's lower parts. Will Mia's dreams of victory by squashed yet again?


Our second ring battle pits our blonde Brit Yvonne against the Hispanic hellion Santana in a multi-fall tussle in which the upper and lower anatomy take turns being assaulted by these brutal beauties. During the first fall, bikini tops are pulled down to better allow the breast torture and the second fall is full of crotch grabs and blows that all but paralyze the combatants. By the end of this pandemonious assault one girl is beaten up and down and left cowering on the mat with her mouth stuffed with a leftover bikini top and her hands caressing body parts that will be throbbing in pain for some time.