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The first story is a continuation of the superheroine fantasy that appeared in Tape #443 featuring sumptuous Shelly as American Woman. After defeating Russian Queen, American Woman, pretending to be an enemy agent, arrives at the headquarters of the villainous Sandy. When Sandy realizes who her red-white-and blue visitor really is, she ducks into a closet and changes into Nazi Princess, with red cape and suit and black boots. As the super women battle, the red menace realizes that she is no match for the patriotic powerhouse. She uses her star wand to overwhelm American Woman and it looks like our heroine is a goner. But, suddenly, the superheroine gains control of the wand and destroys it. Now it looks like an easy victory for American Woman-- until Nazi Princess pulls out an ominous looking ray device. (Note: This is not part of George Pérez's Sisterhood of Superheroines series. Watch for a new full-length SoS adventure in our next brochure!)


Our second fantasy is a cowgirl yarn featuring Stacy as a newly appointed deputy who is assigned the capture of two female desperadoes (Hollywood and Yvonne) who, among their many crimes, also recently beat up Stacy's sister. When the buckskin-clad law-woman confronts the boozing, card-playing lawbreakers in their hideout, Hollywood and Yvonne intend to give Stacy the same treatment. Deputy Stacy is no pushover, however, and she quickly dispatches Yvonne as she tumbles to the floor against Hollywood. Against either one of these black-suited bushwhackers Stacy is the superior fighter, but what happens when the bad girls gang up on the blonde deputy. In the end there's a stripping and rope tying, but we'd be ornery polecats if we spoiled any more of the ending.