1 hour — $59.95


Two of our most popular girls, Hollywood and Marjone, meet in the ring again for yet another round of mat mayhem. You know that when these busty hellions go at it you're in for some hot action as they face up in a one fall, no-holds-barred, championship elimination match. Hollywood brags that her library of wrestling maneuvers is far superior to Marjone's and she sets out to prove it. Marjone, however, has had too many years in the ring to be taken down so easily, even when Hollywood catches her in her signature sleeper hold. After an initial test of strength, the grappling glamour girls astound you with an incredible variety of pro holds: body scissors, head scissors, stepover toeholds, surfboards, armbars, figure four leglocks, bearhugs, backbreakers and more. It is one really tired topless beauty who finally succumbs to a devastating scissors hold, leaving her-- and the viewer-- totally wiped out.


After wiping off the sweat from watching those two veterans you'll be perspiring yet again when one of our newer girls, the sultry siren with the incredible body, Dina Marie, meets a girl even newer to the ring. Jewel is a bosomy brunette with a body that easily rivals her dark-skinned opponent and she's destined to be one of your faves as she rushes into battle with the fury of pro. The tops come off quickly and your eyes will burn as you watch these two women tangle their bodies together, crushing each other with their breasts, crotches and rear ends. Dina Marie must have thought fighting such an inexperienced newcomer would be easy, but this Jewel has sharp edges and she dishes out some painful punishment of her own. Legs crush, butts squash and limbs twist until the two girls bounce of the ropes from either side of the ring, each a flying missile of destruction. But whose?