1 hour — $59.95


Two of our most titanically endowed wrestlers face each other for the first time in the DT championship match. The awesome Julie DC brags about her breast-smothering abilities in a pre-match interview as she prepares to totally crush the breath out of the mammothly mammaried catfight superstar, Quisha. Both women are wearing skimpy bikinis that strain to hold back their extraordinary assets. Quisha is not in a good mood, and intends to make short work of the boastful redhead. When these girls go at it, you can be sure that flesh will fly as bikini tops abandon their futile attempts at restraint. Those enormous mounds are crushed, pounded and stretched as these buxom bruisers delight in torturing each other. After one girl is trapped in the corner and worked over, it's only a matter of time before that girl is flat on her back and smothered to oblivion by two mountains of flesh crushing her face from both sides.


And speaking of smothering, there are breathtaking knockouts aplenty in the following three-girl encounter. Mia, still working her way back to fighting shape since having her baby, and Eve go at it first, but the encounter ends incredibly swiftly as Mia catches the surprised redhead in a breath-depriving choke hold which causes Eve to black out with her tongue jutting out. But, Mia isn't content with such an easy victory and she proceeds to reawaken the hapless Eve, only to repeatedly thrust her back into the land of Nod. Eventually, an impatient Lisa hurtles into the ring, at first helping Mia, but then turning against her with some smothering holds of her own. Over and over, MIAs tongue lashes out desperately as the air is squeezed out of her lungs. At one point, Lisa finds her head trapped in a plastic bag, suffocating into unconsciousness. And just when you think it's over, one girl rises from the dead to mete out her own form of smothering revenge.