1 hour — $59.95


The hunt for the gold begins as three of our best boxers put on the gloves in these two elimination bouts to see who will win the right to win the Double Trouble boxing championship belt. Our first two pulchritudinous pugilists are the veteran powerhouse Christine and the experienced slugger Santana. Both girls start the one-round-to-a-knockout match topless, providing mounds of tempting targets for their leather-encased fists. The action is fast and furious as the two belting babes take turns battering each other's upper body, pounding the head, the gut, and, of course, those tantalizing breasts. Knockdown follows knockdown until one girl eventually draws blood and the battle rages until the bloody victim is left sprawled on the canvas, unable to beat the ten count.


The winner of the match then has to fight the sleek, speedy and sexy Stacy. Stacy has not been boxing long, but she's obviously packed a lot of learning in that short time-- and a lot of whallop in her gloves. What, at first, appears to be an easy victory for her more-seasoned opponent, turns out to be a real challenge, with Stacy dishing out the punishment as often as enduring it. Bare breasts are bruised, beautiful faces contorted and taut bellies battered as blonde battles brunette for supremacy. The road to the championship is littered with bodies and on this day one more broken loser lays alongside that path as only one victorious vixen journeys on toward glory.