1 hour — $59.95


For those of you who've been clamoring for more hard-hitting pro action, this tape is for you! In our first match, the cocky competitive grappler, Unique Leigh, challenges the veteran pro Cheryl Rusa to a special submissions-only contest. The idea is that each girl would take turns putting her opponent into special submission holds until her victim surrenders. To Unique's surprise, however, Cheryl decides that a submission is not enough. Cheryl won't be satisfied until she knocks the blonde battler totally unconscious. Maybe Unique shouldn't have implied that "Little Brat" Rusa was a washed-up has-been. After several trips to slumberland, Tigress Leigh decides that in order to survive she'll have to fight fire with fire. Will her competitive experience be enough to overcome Lightning Rusa's pro savvy? There are knockouts galore as this match dropkicks to an exciting and dramatic conclusion.


The second match is one of the most intense pro-style matches we've ever filmed. There's no faking the blows and throws applied by these two ringwise hellcats. Pro girls Brandy and Jeanne really shake up the ring as they punish each other with more bodyslams, snapmares, leglocks, leg scissors, full nelsons, headlocks and other weapons of destruction than you'll be able to count. These girls don't leap; they FLY! They don't hit; they BOMBARD! They don't flip; they PROPEL! They don't hold; they CRUSH! It's all referee Scott can do to contain all the action in the ring. A Boston crab softens up one wrestling queen as a final backbreaking hold forces her to sobbingly submit. No doubt about it, fight fans-- this is real pro action at its pulse-pounding, earth-shattering BEST!