75 minutes — $59.95

THREE MACHO MEN attempt to prove their masculine superiority in this trilogy of mixed mayhem.


OUR FIRST MATCH pits big, burly Scott against the muscular pro Lady Victoria. Usually, Scott's large size puts him at an advantage, but this time his chiseled female opponent looks big enough to intimidate even him. However, if Scott is intimidated, he doesn't show it and these two really take turns pounding and throwing each other. Backbreakers, bodyslams and crushing headlocks abound as these two titans duke it out. Scott knows that being a gentleman won't win him this battle and he pummels Lady Victoria with merciless rage. But, this is no frail female he's tackling. This bitch is tough — and angry!


OUR OTHER TWO matches both feature the tiny titan Stacy (Kat) plowing her way through two members of the so-called superior sex. First, the curvaceous cutie dons an aqua print bikini to battle Steve.


THEN, STACY, in a foxy red cheerleader's outfit, goes against David who also gets a taste of feminine fury from the delectable dynamo. Pins and scissors are more than just sewing implements, as these furious mixed battles aptly prove. When it comes to mixing it up, no one holds her own better than a Double Trouble gal!