1 hour — $59.95


THE ACTION MOUNTS to ever greater intensity as one gorgeous girl after another enters the fray of battle in this full-length, multi-girl, slugging extravaganza. We begin ringside with the enticing Eve trying to fend off the amorous advances of Stacy, who just won't take 'no' for an answer. When Eve defends her honor by yanking off the blonde's top and kneeing Stacy in the crotch, Stacy's girlfriend, Francesca, arrives. Stacy lies about what happened and she and the Latin firebrand gang up on Eve, punching the poor outnumbered lass all around the ring until the hapless redhead is bound and bloodied, easy pickings for the devilish duo.


Until the cute and bouncy Candi leaps in to avenge her downed friend. The pounding action bounces about from pillar to post as each girl finds some excuse to attack one girl than another. Even girlfriends like Francesca and Stacy find reason to pound away at each other's vulnerable stomachs and groins. At one point, after Candi is tied to the ringpost and used as a punching bag, her friend Mark enters the ring to defend her honor. While he does get his share of licks in, Mark has not always fared well against the wrath of these fierce she-devils in previous encounters and pretty soon he finds himself being battered about by the flying punches of the wild bunch. When these tigresses bare their claws no man — or woman is safe.