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MIA IS WARMING UP in the ring when a jealous Hollywood angrily accuses Mia of sleeping with her boyfriend. Despite Mia's denials, the blonde bully vows to mop up the ring with the tiny brunette. With the camera as witness, Mia is quickly knocked out by a sleeper hold. She recovers only to find herself being choked with her own bikini top. Then Hollywood follows up with breast smothers, facesits, leg scissors. And each time Mia goes out, Hollywood brings her back to torment, tease and torture her some more. Eventually, Mia is begging for mercy, literally kissing Hollywood's feet. By the time this furious domination derby comes to an end, Hollywood decides to send an unmistakable message for their mutual paramour. The writing tool of choice is a tube of lipstick — and the canvas, the white skin of the bound and beaten Mia.


WE NEXT PRESENT a cautionary tale. As it turns out, the wonderfully arrogant Shannan has been wrestling her way to the top with the help of some pretty powerful steroids. As she receives her latest batch in preparation for a grueling match with the rough and tough Kristy, Shannan is warned about over-using the stuff. Shannan shrugs it off. When she finally confronts Kristy in the ring, the big-boobed fighter downs a few pills to begin the match. And it works. Shannan kicks the muscular Kristy down and then goes to her corner to swallow even more pills. The unsuspecting Kristy, her blows bouncing ineffectually off Shannan's stomach, is totally overwhelmed and overpowered by her auburn-haired opponent. With each new assault, Shannan downs another handful. When her supplier rushes to ringside to warn her to stop, Shannan punches him out. Then ... Shannan's nose starts to bleed. She becomes dizzy, making her an easy target for Kristy's roundhouse punch, which sends all the pills spilling on the canvas. As Shannan desperately tries to recover her scattered contraband, Kristy smiles ... and moves in for the kill.