1 hour — $59.95


ALTHOUGH, DUE TO professional commitments by series creator and comics superstar George Pérez, there is no official Sisterhood of Superheroines tape in this brochure, superheroine fans need not be disappointed. This tape includes a pair of fantasies commissioned by other customers featuring our DT beauties battling it out as sexy superbabes. The first adventure stars Shannan as the black-masked Dark-Star who captures the unsuspecting Katrina. The vile villainess commands the bound Katrina to admit that she is the superheroine Mega-Babe whom Dark-Star wants to join her in her quest for world domination. When punches fail to force Katrina's tongue, Dark-Star uses her deadly Dark Claw, at low level, to send excrutiating electrical charges through Katrina's body. After the villainess leaves, Katrina recovers and does indeed transform into Mega-Babe, who vows to avenge herself against Dark-Star by teleporting both of them into the Battle Ring. Dark-Star may have been caught off guard, but she still has the Dark Claw — and this time, she's using it at full-power!


THE NEXT ADVENTURE begins with the legendary Shelly answering a distress call as American Woman. The red, white and blue-clad maid of might streaks over to an abandoned dwelling where she is surprised by the black-suited Russian Queen (Lisa), who is determined to conquer the US of A. As the inevitable fight ensues, Russian Queen tries to down American Woman by repeatedly assailing the heroine' s mammoth breasts with her torture talons. When the tide turns against the dark villainess, Russian Queen makes a desperate lunge for a secret button, which activates a torturous, high-frequency sonic scream that overpowers the patriotic powerhouse. Wearing earplugs, the Baltic beast-woman takes great relish in punishing the weakened American Woman, eventually removing the heroine's power belt. Can the brave blonde come back from the brink of defeat?