1 hour — $59.95


UNIQUE LEIGH IS BACK! As the curvy blonde champion shows off her championship belts, an unimpressed Mia challenges her to a wrestling match. Mia is determined to show Unique Leigh what it's like to face a Double Trouble Champion, even one who isn't quite at her prime. You see, Mia, having just recently given birth, has not yet gotten back down to her ideal wrestling weight, but she just couldn't wait to get a shot at the arrogant interloper. Unique is more than happy to oblige the snotty brunette. This match is full of expertly applied pro holds and thrilling, butt-busting throws. At first, the feisty Mia holds her own pretty well, but eventually it becomes apparent that she may have chewed off too much too soon. Unique Leigh counters every defense from Mia with an even greater offense. Still, Mia does not go down easily, and if Unique Leigh is looking for a quick victory, she is going to be sorely disappointed. Although, you, most definitely, won't be.


OUR SECOND MATCH is another pro-style match pitting tall, sinewy Hollywood against her arch-rival, the diminutive dynamo, Cheryl Rusa. Both these girls are mat veterans and know their wrestling moves so this turns out to be a fast and furious battle for supremacy between two pulchritudinous powerhouses at the top of their game. Lots of science is mixed in with feline ferocity as these two seasoned pros really work each other over. Hollywood eventually loses her top, but this neither bothers her nor slows her down. Hollywood may have the height advantage, but Cheryl's strength is world-renowned. There eventually has to be a loser in these matches, but, in both cases, it is the viewer who turns out the definite winner.