50 minutes — $59.95


MARJONE'S TOPLESS stretching exercises are rudely interrupted by the arrival of Dina Marie, in white top and shorts. Dina Marie is late for her Double Trouble training session and Marjone is supposed to show her the ropes. Since there's no ring around, Marjone shows the olive-skinned newcomer the ropes in her own violent, inimitable way. After being victimized by kicks, full-nelsons, elbow smashes and choking headlocks, Dina Marie retaliates by clawing Marjone's large exposed breasts. Now, Marjone is really pissed and by the end of this impromptu wargame, one tanned, topless beauty is trussed up like a punching bag, dangling on a rope from the rafters. The wrestling lesson is over. It's time to do some boxing!


OUR SECOND MATCH opens with Tasha and Yvonne, both dressed in cropped tops and bike shorts, working out in the backyard. Of course, the exercise session soon turns competitive with each girl trying to outdo the other. They finally decide that the only way to prove which of them is the better athlete is by fighting it out in the wrestling ring. The winner gets to use (and abuse) the loser's body in whatever wicked way she desires. The match starts off pretty scientific with each combatant executing some well-crafted full nelsons, body presses and surfboards, among other pro holds. When one beauty decides to play dirty the action becomes even more furious and eventually one wrestler is punched, kicked and choked into oblivion. Will she now become a plaything for her conqueror? Let's just say that when one unconscious woman ends up bound, naked and tormented in the bedroom, you'll learn why nothing's ever over — until it's over.