1 hour — $59.95


IT'S PAYBACK TIME in the Double Trouble wrestling ring as Mia and her sister Nina corner tough little Cheryl Rusa and swear to get even for the beating Cheryl gave their baby sister Brandy a while back. Ordinarily, Cheryl is partnered with the mighty Hollywood, but this time she's forced to take on the Walters sisters all by herself. At first, the ring - savvy Cheryl gets the upper hand when she manages to tie a surprised Nina to the ring ropes. Without her sister to back her up, Mia is overwhelmed by Cheryl's unbridled fury. However, Cheryl is so focused on smashing the helpless Mia, that she doesn't notice Nina's arms silently slipping out if their bonds. Before she can fully appreciate what's happening, Cheryl finds herself fighting for her life against savage siblings hell - bent on totally destroying her.


TROUBLE ALSO comes in double doses when the cocky Eve dares to call veteran grapplers Sandy and Candi a couple of has - beens. She adds injury to insult by slapping the two stupefied blondes and haughtily strutting away to her corner of the wrestling ring. This disrespect is not something either Candi or Sandy will tolerate. Whatever bravado Eve exhibited at the beginning of this encounter is soon beaten out of her as she finds herself on the receiving end of devastating elbow smashes, gut punches, piledrivers and all manner of scientific and not - so - scientific tactics. At one point the slender redhead finds her forehead gouged by an illegally attained sharp object. As the blood pours, Eve's eyes look about glassily, searching desperately for some sign of mercy from her attackers. But for these pissed - off golden girls — there ain't no such thing as mercy.