1 hour — $59.95


LONGTIME TAG - TEAM partners Francesca and Katrina are sunbathing in the backyard, reminiscing about some of their ring adventures. As usually happens when such proud fighters swap war stories, the question of which one is the better fighter is soon debated. It's a friendly enough competition — until a DT rep informs them that the company can no longer afford both of them. A Texas Death Match, where only one girl will be left standing over a bloody, beaten loser, will decide which wrestler will continue getting her weekly paycheck. The girls are, at first, reluctant to fight, but with so much money on the line, the match soon becomes ultra - violent and bloody with one girl, then the other, getting the living hell beaten out of her as bare knuckles and bone - hard kneecaps smash into beautiful faces and tantalizing private parts like freight trains crashing into each other. In the end, one girl is indeed a bloody mess, sobbing miserably on the crimson - stained mat — but which one?


OUR SECOND delicious donnybrook begins with the willowy Tasha in the ring ridiculing the fishnet pantyhose that she's heard Lisa was going to be wearing for their upcoming match. As Tasha continues to brag about how she will destroy Lisa, the angry beauty in question sneaks up behind the blonde and catches her in a paralyzing pressure hold on the back of Tasha's neck. Tasha is helpless to resist as the nerve hold finally knocks her out. This is way too quick for Lisa, however, and she proceeds to shock Tasha back to consciousness with several devastating knee smashes to her unprotected crotch. After one crotch smash too many poor Tasha appears to be out for the day and Lisa starts to walk away, bathed in the glow of victory. Turning her back on Tasha is a mistake, though. Lisa is suddenly caught in a paralyzing hold of Tasha's own creation — a claw hold to Lisa's crotch that stiffens the auburn - haired beauty with excruciating pain. Then it is Lisa who lies unconscious on the canvas — but is it now Tasha who celebrates her victory entirely too soon?