1 hour — $59.95


TWO OF OUR MOST popular honey - haired knockouts really go at it in our first multi - fall match. Our brazen Brit Yvonne takes on LA lovely Hollywood in what, at first, appears to be a fairly even competition. However, Hollywood who uses scissors, armbars, arm stretches and body blows to soften up her creamy - skinned opponent quickly seizes the advantage. After putting Yvonne out with her signature sleeper hold, Hollywood claims Yvonne's bikini top as her prize and puts it on her own awesome breasts. This infuriates the recovering Yvonne who tears into the arrogant Hollywood in order to retrieve not only her top, but also her honor. However, it isn't long before the bodacious limey lass is caught once again in Hollywood's slumber squeeze and it looks like Yvonne's going down for the count yet once more. Can she revive to rally yet again? Hollywood, like a cat toying with a mouse, smiles — and waits.


KNOCKOUTS COME fast and furious in our second ring match as well. In fact, when we open the scene, Mia is already unconscious, naked and dangling on the ropes. She revives just in time to put her bikini bottom back on and to see the enraged Bobbie storming into the ring. Bobbie has learned that Mia's been sleeping with Bobbie's boyfriend and the tall blonde is determined to rip little Mia apart. Mia, however, has had enough defeat for one day and quickly overpowers the startled Bobbie with pulverizing punches, chilling chokes and thunderous throws. When Bobbie is choked into unconsciousness early in the match, it appears that Mia will be able to claim at least one victory this day. Mia delights in reviving Bobbie over and over, only to punch and crush Bobbie back to la-la land again and again. She relishes using Bobbie's spread - eagled body as her own personal toy. Yes, Mia's confident — and perhaps a tad too cocky, leaving her all too vulnerable to a sudden punch to her crotch by the recovering Bobbie — who's now madder than ever — and out for blood!