1 hour — $59.95


FOUR OF OUR curvaceous best, Christine, Francesca, Lisa and Eve, enter the ring and bare it all (gloriously captured by our DT cameras) as they prepare for anything - goes naked combat. The prize: a cool one million dollars and the title of World Nude Wrestling Champion. With so much at stake, allegiances and loyalties are quickly abandoned as each girl does whatever she has to in order to claim that monumental monetary prize. Tits are tortured, breasts are brutalized and crotches are crushed as these sweaty sweethearts punch, pull, pinch and push their way through a devastating dance of destruction. Which bare - assed, badass babe will sashay her sumptuous rump over the naked bodies of her beaten opponents? Who will be female wrestling's first nude millionaire?


OUR SECOND NUDE adventure begins with the provocative Yvonne lounging on the couch in her all - together as Eve sashays in wearing a tantalizing ensemble consisting of black bra, garters, patent leather thigh - high boots and white satin opera gloves. This is the attire Eve has chosen for a costume party. Yvonne thinks Eve looks like a tramp and declares that she will attend the party just as she is — butt naked — and even then she'll look less trashy than Eve. It's a really pissed - off Eve who begins throttling the startled Yvonne, whose naked body is violated with painful blows and invasive pinches and gropes. Nude flesh is crushed against leather furniture as the blonde Brit endures one humiliation after another. It's a triumphant time for Eve — until one well placed blow suddenly turns the tide.