75 minutes — $59.95


FOR YEARS, tough girl Christine has ruled the boxing ring, and it takes someone either extremely brave, or extremely crazy, to challenge her. When tough little blonde Stacy does just that, insisting that Christine is past her prime, it makes no difference to the veteran pugilist what her challenger's mental condition is. What matters is that she pound the petite upstart to a pulp. Both girls start the match topless, providing even more tempting targets to demolish. Christine soon finds out that, despite her size, Stacy is no pushover and both girls endure savage, bloody beatings as they each take turns kissing the blood - spattered canvas. Will Stacy's indomitable spirit and speed be enough against Christine's overwhelming skill and experience? It's a mystery that remains unpredictable until the very end of this hard - hitting match.


OUR SECOND slugging saga begins when bikini - clad Hollywood answers the doorbell in her hideaway and confronts an incredibly pissed - off Marjone. The olive - skinned beauty threatens to destroy the lithe blonde because of Hollywood's interference in Marjone's last match. However, it is Hollywood who gets in the first punch, and, eventually, it is Marjone who is dragged out to the wrestling ring. Marjone can barely rally a defense as she is stripped down to her panties and tied to the ring post where she is pounded bloody by the relentless California blonde. The dark - haired damsel looks doomed when her friend Eve leaps into the ring and begins slamming away at the startled Hollywood. Soon, it is Hollywood who is battered and bloody as Eve and Marjone double - team her mercilessly. However, when Stacy jumps in to help Hollywood, the punching action becomes even more intense as four hellcats pound faces, stomachs, crotches and breasts in this non - stop orgy of flying fists of fury.