1 hour — $59.95


WHEN A TATTOOED street punk named Butch, out to prove that no mere girl could ever be his superior, enters the DT ring and challenges Tasha to a knockout-only match. Tasha, who's slapped the macho smirk off many a male opponent's face, accepts Butch's challenge and quickly lives to regret it. In one of the quickest matches we've ever filmed the bald brute totally annihilates Tasha, leaving her unconscious in the ring. The referee Eve (formerly known as Tara) is totally disgusted with Tasha's poor showing, adding insult to injury for the humiliated blonde. Tasha challenges Eve to a best five out of nine, knock-out match. No pins or submission to decide a fall — just total unconsciousness. Tasha's determined to win back her pride, but Eve has no intention of allowing that as Eve gives Tasha yet another humiliating lesson in defeat. As Tasha wakes up for the second time this morning, she's determined not to get knocked out a third time. Yanking Eve's bikini top off, the furious Tasha clamps Eve in a vice-like bearhug, crushing the life out of her opponent. Now the two ladies are even, but for how long? These two lionesses pound, kick and choke each other into submission — even putting on the boxing gloves for one round. In the end, one girl is totally out for the day and the other revels in her win. That is, until...Butch comes back.


OUR SECOND MATCH is a one-fall match between two of the most generously endowed grapplers ever to set foot in the ring. The glorious-but deadly Quisha, her body barely contained by her one-piece bathing suit, takes on the equally lovely-but-lethal Shannan, not bothering with a top and flaunting her magnificent mammaries for the camera, in what is destined to be a classic confrontation between experience and ambition. Quisha is determined to eventually rip the championship crown from Marjone and this battle is simply an unsanctioned warm up. Shannan, however, is just as determined to be the new DT champ. In fact, it is Shannan who quickly gets the upper hand as she snares the blonde in an expert headlock, flipping Quisha hard on to the mat. As Quisha finds herself caught in a neck-straining chinlock, the veteran realizes that this Shannan is no easy pickings. However, when Quisha kicks her way out of a stepover toe hold, she gets her chance at payback. Shannan is soon punched, twisted and thrown all over the ring. When Quisha uses her hairband to choke the auburn-haired beauty it's apparent that the rulebook has been totally discarded. Inevitably, Quisha's massive boobs are freed from their inadequate restraints, making her even more deliciously dangerous. A seemingly endless flurry of bodyslams, bearhugs, figure-four leglocks, surfboards and all sorts of chokes, blows, throws and anything-goes action where the balance of power shifts back and forth and back again, eventually culminates with one busty beauty trapped in the corner and battered into oblivion. A mind-blowing battle featuring two of our bombastic best.