1 hour — $59.95


MORE BEAUTIFUL BABES bend over backwards for your enjoyment. Our first contest of contortionism begins with DT stalwarts Lisa and Julie, each dressed in short tops and bikini briefs, sitting in the living room as they perform some limbering exercises. At first, each girl is too busy admiring her own limbs to notice the other, but eventually, each girl violates the other's space and all hell breaks loose. Throwing the chairs aside the angry tigresses remove their tops and shoes and Lisa gets in the first slap, throwing Julie to the carpet. Arms and legs flail as these topless tusslers lash out at each other's breasts and hair until one fighting feline gets the upper hand with an over the knee backbreaker. As a quivering Lisa squirms in pain, the predatory Julie moves in for the kill. Despite choked pleas for mercy, the torture escalates as Lisa's beautiful body is continuously bent back to its agonizing limit, her stretched out stomach an easy target for savage slugs. Even Lisa's exposed nipples fall prey to Julie's ruthless punishment. It's one backbreaking move after another as furniture and body parts are used as terrible instruments of spinal destruction. When a backbreaker choke combination is used, it looks like the end for one beautiful combatant.


OUR SECOND BODY-BENDING bout features the flexible pair of Bobbie and Susie each doing warm-up stretches at ringside in preparation for an audition with a world-famous circus. As each girl stretches and bends, they take turns challenging each other to see which girl is the more flexible. Many incredible bends follow with taut stomachs arched upward toward the sun. Despite some impressive showcases neither girl ends up impressing the other, and, as sometimes happens when two ambitious women vie for the same prize, the competition turns ugly. Susie volunteers to "help" Bobbie with her back bridge by bending the unsuspecting brunette more and more, until Bobbie finds herself howling in pain. This is exactly what Susie wanted to hear. The blonde bully uses her dexterous toes to pull Bobbie's bikini top off and proceeds to repeatedly twist and torture poor Bobbie, turning her rival's spanning spine into a pain-racked pretzel. After each new torment Susie demands that Bobbie attempt a perfect back bending bridge — anything less than perfection would mean further punishment — and Susie is a harsh taskmaster. Will Bobbie ever satisfy this golden-haired martinet? Or will that sexy back finally snap under the strain of a terrifying spinal trap?