1 hour — $59.95


IT'S A SLEEPY DAY in LA and Lisa is bored sitting in the living room. When the always tantalizing Eve (formerly known to all her DT fans as Tara) comes in, Lisa notices that Eve's tiny white bikini looks awfully familiar. When Eve says that it is a gift from her boyfriend, Lisa realizes that the little bitch is talking about Brad — Lisa's boyfriend! This doesn't faze Eve, though. Shed already beaten up Brad's last girlfriend and isn't afraid of Lisa. However, a crazy look starts seething from Lisa's eyes — a crazy, dangerous look — and the object of her glare was none other than Eve. Lisa promises to totally demolish the young bitch, and then, when she's through playing with her, knocking her out and tormenting her as many times as she wants, Lisa will get a tube of lipstick and scrawl a message to Brad all over Eve's breasts and stomach. Eve nervously tries to leave, but lunatic Lisa is way too fast. Before Eve can even think of a defense she is thrown down on the couch and subjected to barrage of stomach-busting punches. A devastating choke and a hard blow to the face sends Eve into dreamland. But, Eve's punishment has only just begun. That crazy look in Lisa's eyes is brighter than ever. Eventually, Eve's bra is ripped off as the pathetic cutie is totally destroyed and humiliated by a woman gone berserk — a woman determined to have her revenge written on the wimp.


AS IF THAT FIRST match didn't leave you breathless enough, we now present you a costume fantasy with Gasae as the ebony-clad Masked Mauler challenging that rootin' tootin' cowgirl the California Kid, played by Mia, complete with cowboy hat and six-guns. The contest is scheduled to be a best-of-five pro-style submission match, but somehow we all knew that rules would be the first casualty in this little war. As the California Kid waits in the middle of the ring, the Masked Mauler sneaks up behind her and starts smothering the frontier fox with her black-gloved hands. The Kid goes out like a light and, after stripping the cowgirl of her weapons, the Masked Mauler begins her symphony of pain by trapping the California Kid in a corner and slugging away at her breasts and crotch. The Masked Mauler is determined to live up to her name as she punishes the poor white-bikinied heroine with undisguised gusto. Several times, the Kid manages to pin down her dark tormentor, but the Mauler sinks her sharp teeth into the western wonder girl's stomach and inner thigh. Then the Masked Mauler continues her villainous attacks by trapping the Kid from LA in arm stretches and leg locks. After losing the first fall, the California Kid struggles to her feet, determined to rally back from defeat to overcome this outlaw. But, will determination be enough?