45 minutes — $59.95


OUR FIRST RING BATTLE spotlights two special visitors to the Double Trouble ring. That famous blonde grappler from the WCSSW, Unique "Tigress" Leigh places her competitive reputation on the line when she is pitted against her fellow WCSSW opponent, the tempestuous Storm. Each of these all-too-pretty girls is determined to prove that she is the best wrestler and as the starting bell rings, it becomes quite apparent as to why these amazing athletes got their respected reputations. From the very start each girl uses a cornucopia of long hard holds to get the upper hand, which changes so many times that there's no way to predict a winner. This is a true contest of champions as head and body scissors, leg locks and full body presses, just to name a few of the great holds exhibited throughout this wild and woolly competition, sorely test the strength and endurance of both battling beauties. While only one girl eventually has to lose, it is clear who the real winners are — our DT customers. We've already asked these two girls to come back to the DT ring whenever a worthy challenge arrives. Here's hoping that one comes along real soon.


OUR SECOND MATCH is equally hard-fought and brings back two of our favorite tiny titans, Mia and Cheryl, continuing the feud last seen in Tape #423. This time, Cheryl challenges our Mia to a submission-only match, which can only end when one wrestler surrenders. Mia picks up the gauntlet gladly. After all, she did quite well against Cheryl in their last confrontation. Mia promises to kick the muscular mite's butt all over the ring until she begs for mercy. That's all Cheryl's temper could stand. Mia was lucky the last time — now her luck is about to run out! Not waiting for the bell, Cheryl charges at Mia like a runaway train and slams her to the mat. A barrage of stomps, punches and hip throws soon finds Mia fighting for her life as Cheryl continues her merciless assault. Cheryl mixes professional holds like surfboards, leglocks and full nelsons with a battery of violent slugs and kicks — anything to make her victim submit. But Mia won't give up. She just keeps taking everything Cheryl throws at her, every agonizing punch to the chest, every torturous blow to the belly. Even Cheryl's pounding leap from the top rope won't make Mia submit — and this just seems to suit Cheryl just fine. The longer it takes for Mia to surrender, the longer the torture. But, how much more can Mia take before she can either mount a counterattack or finally submit?