1 hour — $59.95


TWO OF OUR NEWER GIRLS, blonde Alicia in a leopard-print bikini and brunette Alissa in a red bikini, meet inside the Double Trouble ring to find out which of them has the strongest arms. When Alicia calls her opponent's arms "wimpy", the riled Alissa accepts Alicia's challenge and voluntarily subjects herself to Alicia's punishing arm bar. Alissa whimpers and moans as her bosomy oppressor pumps up the pressure, but the lithesome cutie never admits to the pain. When it is Alicia's turn to be on the receiving end, Alissa more than rises to the occasion. Soon it is Alicia who fills the air with cries of agony, her pride straining not to submit. Alissa starts demanding that the blonde bimbo pronounces herself Alissa's slave, but Alicia spits out her defiance through gritted teeth. Alissa then twists Alicia's forearm, burning the golden girl's arm with the friction. The torture continues and it soon becomes evident to Alicia that her dark-haired tormentor has no intention of giving up her turn. To further humiliate her adversary, Alissa pulls off Alicia's bra, letting the blonde's bounty fall freely into the warm open air. When Alissa starts plucking the hair from Alicia's arms, the beleaguered blonde cutie knows that she'd better retaliate before it's too late. The battle becomes more brutal as one girl is caught trapped in the ring ropes as her opponent tries to rip her arms from their sockets. A surfboard stretch finally brings one nubile lass to defeat in this enervating exhibition of armed aggression.


OUR SECOND MATCH finds wrestling veteran Susie entering the ring where newcomer Lily is proudly flexing her biceps. For some time now Susie has been looking for this tall Brit who's been bragging all over town that her arms are the strongest. Susie challenges Lily to an arm match and doesn't wait for an answer as she takes her rival down to the mat. As Lily squeals in pain, the sinister Susie begins her armed response not only by twisting the tall blonde's arm but also by pulling at Lily's arm hairs as if she were plucking a chicken. When Susie yanks off Lily's red bikini top, the blonde from across the pond really gets riled and rolls Susie over on her stomach as she jumps atop her startled foe. Soon Susie finds her top torn off as well and the American golden gal is subjected to plenty of arm plucking herself. The advantage changes hands several times as one blonde then another traps her opponent's upper limbs in grueling arm locks while yanking out more and more hair from those vulnerable forearms. At one point one battler starts pulling her enemy's arm hair out with her teeth! By the time this vicious battle ends one flaxen-haired gladiator is left squirming on the mat as she tries vainly to soothe her sore, burnt, gnawed arms — a whimpering victim of a sadistic armed response.