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ON AN EXERCISE MAT inside her apartment, the bodacious and cocky Shannan is working out topless — a magnificent sight indeed — when a dark skinned newcomer named Dina enters the room and begins to taunt the fair-complexioned beauty. Dina is a sleek, bosomy knockout whose topless pulchritude is almost as impressive as Shannan's and Dina is totally not intimidated by the buxom bombshell's reputation. Within seconds, Shannan has tired of the newbie's insults and the two hellions start tearing at each other furiously. Shannan's early moves don't impress the dynamic Dina and she continues goading her — until the titian-haired tigress catches Dina in a rib-crushing leg scissors. Now, ordinarily this would be a finishing hold for the powerful Shannan, but Dina does not go down so easily. The mocha-hued tyro pries Shannan's ankles apart with her steely fingers and Shannan is soon on the defensive. There's no pretense at scientific finesse here (despite some bearhugs and armbars) — just two aggressive, hair-pulling wildcats clawing, choking, slapping, crushing and punching each other all over the room, neither woman granting any mercy to the other. Will it be big, bad Shannan who teaches this insolent upstart the true meaning of defeat, or will Dina be the one who teaches the arrogant bimbo the meaning of humility? A final choking leg scissors provides the ultimate answer.


ARROGANCE IS DEFINITELY a character trait that Alissa displays as well in the second match of this tape. We join the action as the diminutive brunette is being measured for another thonged bikini — which annoys the recently retired Shelly. Yes, the Burbank Bomber has called it quits, citing that she doesn't like the violence any more. Although Shelly, in tank top and sweatpants, advises Alissa that a Double Trouble wrestler has to earn the right to wear a thong in the ring, the insolent youngster pays little heed to the vet's words, and even has the nerve to call the Burbank Bomber a wimp who simply cant wrestle anymore. Despite Shelly's attempts to curb her temper, Alissa finally drives the blonde over the edge — quite literally, as she grabs Shelly by the hair and tosses her into the ring. Shelly's further attempts to avoid violence prove futile as Alissa suddenly unleashes a series of slaps, punches and kicks that rocks the big blonde. Shelly's attempts to talk her way out of this fall on deaf ears as Alissa takes great pleasure in destroying the former champion. It's quite unnerving seeing this once mighty amazon cowering at the feet of a sadistic girl half her size who contemptuously continues her brutal barrage even while talking on her cell phone. As the laughing Alissa turns her back on her fallen foe, Shelly's eyes start to blaze and her voice hardens. Has Alissa pushed the pacifist too far? Despite all her attempts to suppress the violent demons within, Shelly realizes that you just cant hold back nature. Deep down the Burbank Bomber was born to bruise — and Alissa's going to learn that bitter, bloody lesson the hard way!