1 hour — $59.95

COMICS MASTER GEORGE PÉREZ continues to up the ante with these two newest entries in our popular Sisterhood of Superheroines series.


STORY NUMBER ONE introduces beautiful blonde Stacy Burke as the heroine Daisy Chain, looking positively delicious in her white and blue crimefighting regalia. Following a tip which she hopes will lead her to the villainess Domina (who captured Night Witch and Wildchild in Tape #419), Daisy Chain enters the sanctum sanctorum of the crimson cloaked sorceress Satan Doll (played by the sensuous Santana) who denies any knowledge of the fate of the captive superheroines. An argument over a strange box (mysteriously decorated with Daisy Chain's insignia) ignites the battle between the bright blonde and the dark brunette as Daisy Chain puts on a glorious display of super heroic power by slapping, punching and kicking the hapless Satan Doll all over the villainess' headquarters. After defeating and binding Satan Doll the cocky heroine finally opens the box — and finds a voodoo doll — of herself! In a flash of light, Daisy Chain finds the tables totally turned as Satan Doll's mystic spells bring the dazed heroine to her knees, bewitched, bothered, and easy prey for the punishing retribution that is to follow.


OUR SECOND ADVENTURE is so special that it was directed by George PÉREZ himself. It brings together two heroines so similar in appearance and power that you knew that they would have to confront each other one day. We begin with our premier superheroine Super Maiden, in her secret identity of Katrina, reading another issue of her favorite comic book, The Adventures of Super Shelly. When, through a spell cast by the evil Satan Doll, Katrina falls asleep, she awakens to find herself, in full costume, in the Arena of Champions. And in the opposite corner, bigger than life, is Super Shelly herself. Super Maiden's comic book inspiration is alive, and determined to prove that there can only be one heroine worthy of wearing the red and blue super costume. Super Shelly challenges Super Maiden to a multi - fall, anything - goes match. The loser of each fall will lose one piece of her costume until only one costumed champion remains standing over a defrocked loser. At first, Super Maiden is reluctant — after all, this has to be a dream. But when that first super blow is struck, it's obvious that, dream or not, the pain is definitely real. The action is as super intense as you would expect when these two buxom bombshells go at each other. Blows, throws, airplane spins, face smothers, sleepers — anything and everything that can bring victory or inflict pain are brought to bear in this ultimate challenge. Can Super Maiden survive this nightmare? Will she ever wake up again?