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OUR FIRST MATCH PLACES OUR SWEET MIA at the mercy of her frequent tormentor, Tasha. There is no doubt how this match will turn out since it is Tasha herself, with the bound, struggling Mia in tow, who introduces this match: "Hi, I'm Tasha, and I like to fight dirty. We filmed this match earlier. You wanna know what happened to this little bikini top? Well it didn't last long. And if you want to know what happened to the white panties-- well, you'll have to watch the match." And thus are we thrown back in time where we find the unsuspecting Mia, bikini top and panties in place, waiting in the ring for her next, as-yet undetermined opponent. Of course, it ends up being Tasha, who quickly proceeds to batter Mia mercilessly, taking particular delight in grabbing the pert brunette's white panties and repeatedly spanking Mia's delectable rump.


AFTER YOU'VE DRIED OFF from that first erotic escapade, turn your attention to our next domination drama. What does a girl do when she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her and buying gifts for another woman? Do you go to a quiet corner and cry? Puh-lease! These are Double Trouble Girls! They take it to the mat! Which is what Kat and Tara do when each learns that they've been seeing the same guy, Brad, for the past few months. The challenge is given: Best out of seven falls, each to be decided by a sleeper submission. The loser will then be further humiliated by having her whimpering surrender videotaped so that Brad can see which girl is the more desirable prize. It isn't long before the tops come off and Kat gains the early edge, eventually trapping the tantalizing Tara in the first sleeper hold. The triumphant blonde revives the sleeping beauty with a spritz of water and the battle recommences. However, this time it is Kat who is overcome, and Tara is determined that it remain that way throughout the rest of the match. In the end, one girl does indeed cry into the video camera, but the humiliation does not end there. No-- there's then this unmistakable odor of chloroform. . . and then the bed. . . and the ropes. . .To give away any more would ruin all the fun. Let's just say that, as in the first match, when two delectable victims fall into the grasp of two demented dominators, they each must come face-to-face with Judgment Day!