1 hour — $59.95


IN THIS COWGIRL FANTASY, masked bandits Alex and Kat have come to steal a stash of money from a house being guarded by Hollywood, one of the toughest sheriffs in the county. When Alex breaks in first she is quickly ambushed by Sheriff Hollywood, who proceeds to tie Alex's wrists behind her. Unfortunately, this leaves the Sheriff vulnerable as Kat sneaks up behind her and knocks Hollywood out with her pistol. The outlaws disarm the Sheriff and carry the fallen gunslinger to the bedroom where Kat is left to tie the Sheriff up. When Hollywood suddenly regains consciousness, Kat is bushwhacked and is herself knocked out. This leaves Alex alone to face Hollywood's brand of frontier justice and the two battle like wildcats throughout the house. When Kat finally revives to join the brawl, Hollywood seems overwhelmed. Will the tin star triumph over the masks? And what happens when Alex and Kat find out that there really is no honor among thieves? When the prairie dust clears, only one gun-toting firebrand remains standing. But which one?


OUR NEXT DRAMA STARTS OFF with busty blonde Katrina pacing nervously around the living room, waiting for a phone call regarding her movie audition. As Darlisa sits seemingly disinterested on the couch, Katrina convinces herself that she's got the part. After all, Katrina's got the big tits, the figure, the blonde hair. Hell, who else could they pick? The phone then rings and Katrina gets her answer. They picked Darlisa! Even as Darlisa leaps for joy, Katrina fumes, not understanding how she could possibly lose out to the black bitch. Katrina orders Darlisa to strip down and show what she's got that's so much better. Darlisa humors the snooty blonde, and, inevitably, both women are stripped down to their thong panties. When an arm wrestling challenge makes a loser of Katrina yet again, the jealous hellion snaps and attacks Darlisa. Fingernails rake and claw at exposed breasts and sensitive crotches. Those magnificent asses they proudly flaunted become targets of stinging slaps and bruising blows. It's ego vs. ego as one girl is determined to prove to the other that she, and she alone, is worthy of winning that critical audition.