1 hour — $59.95

IT'S ANOTHER BATTLE OF THE SEXES as two of our most delectable blonde babes take on two men determined to prove their machismo.


OUR FIRST MATCH PITS THE GORGEOUS KAT, wearing a pro-style one-piece suit, against the burly Scott. Our babelicious Kat definitely has her work cut out for her since Scott has the easy advantage in both size (more than a foot) and weight (almost double his female opponent's). Kat tries to even the odds by taking the advantage as quickly as possible, snaring Scott in a headlock and flipping him to the mat. Scott, however, is strong as an ox and recovers quickly, eventually trapping the golden-haired grappler in a series of well-executed leg-scissors, bearhugs, camel-clutches, backbreakers, and body-slams. While Kat occasionally manages to turn the tables, she is most definitely at a physical disadvantage, especially when Scott starts to play dirty. Kat is punched and kicked several times and even her breasts are ravaged as Scott works mightily to make the little lady wish she'd never stepped into the ring. Will our distaff David be able to topple her Goliath? The answer, dear customer, is in the viewing.


OUR SECOND MATCH-UP FINDS THE CURVACEOUS CANDI defending her feminine honor against the tall, wiry David. Unlike the first match on this tape, the weight difference is less dramatic and Candi, looking fine and foxy in her string bikini, manages to take the advantage far more regularly, often taunting and deriding her male adversary. But, David is still no easy pickings and is determined to shut Candi's sweet mouth up. Each grappler takes his and her turn on both the giving and receiving end of several legitimate wrestling holds-- and some not-so-legitimate. During several tests of strength the desperate David brings the long-maned golden girl down with a surprise kick to the stomach. Candi, however, is a Double Trouble Girl and doesn't get beaten that easily. With her powerful legs, Candi traps David in several vice-like scissors to the head and body. She even resorts to some dirty, and oh so unladylike, tricks of her own. During this match, David will learn that Candi isn't always a sweet treat and that in order to win a battle of the sexes you definitely have to mix-behave!