1 hour — $59.95


THAT TINY TITAN OF THE RING, Cheryl, returns to do battle with the ever-popular Mia in what turns out to be the middle of multi-fall encounter. Cheryl is bored and feels that this is a mismatch and that the pathetic Mia is not even in her league, having little proficiency in legitimate wrestling. Heck, Cheryl's already beaten Mia for seventeen straight falls! Nevertheless Mia remains undaunted and is determined to put the boastful Cheryl in her place. But will determination be enough? Despite showing the seasoned pro that she does indeed know her wrestling holds, expertly applying full-nelsons, leg scissors and well-executed throws and blows, Mia still comes up short for three more rounds. Cheryl continues taunting Mia, whose eyes begin to burn with genuine rage. And that's when the unthinkable happens. Mia catches Cheryl with a well-placed knee to the stomach, stunning the muscular wrestler and putting Mia in the driver's seat. Cheryl is overwhelmed by the unexpected barrage. This is probably the best we've seen Mia in a long time and she's got a lot to prove, to Cheryl and to herself. Cheryl, however, does not like being on the receiving end and begins battling back like a beast unleashed. Like the power of the atom, these mighty mites explode with destructive energy! But, when the fallout clears, which one will survive?


AFTER THAT LAST MATCH, you may need a breather. No such luck — even though our second match starts sedately enough with the awesome Shannan, looking so enticing in her blue bikini, sitting by the wrestling ring and fussing with her makeup as she prepares for a photo shoot. Shannan is interrupted by a strange young woman with big blonde hair who wants Shannan to help her become a DT wrestling star. Shannan brags that she is too high-priced and too big a star wrestler to waste her time showing some neophyte the ropes. Shannan has whipped every opponent she's ever met. She's the self-proclaimed champion! But, the blonde is persistent and Shannan decides to give this tyro a lesson she won't soon forget. And that's exactly what Shannan does. Within seconds the blonde is being pummeled and thrashed around the ring, her pathetic screams filling Shannan with great satisfaction. It is all so damn easy. However, just as Shannan prepares to finish off the newbie, she receives a warning that her struggling victim is not the inexperienced rookie she claims to be. Underneath that blonde wig is seasoned veteran Julie Winchester and, before Shannan can even comprehend what's going on, it is Shannan who is being taught a bitter, bloody lesson both in wrestling and humility. For those of you who've wondered just how Shannan would look when on the losing end of a battle, this match will definitely satisfy your curiosity.