1 hour — $59.95


WE BEGIN THIS FABLE OF FLESH AND FANTASY with Alissa rushing home after being involved in a hit-and-run accident wherein she damaged another car belonging to Tara and Darlisa. Alissa thinks she's safe and is caught off-guard when Tara and Darlisa burst into her living room and immediately declare war on the unrepentant young bitch. If there's one thing you don't do to California girls, it's mess with their cars! Alissa soon finds herself stripped naked, save for her high-heeled shoes, as the two angry attackers use their nails and stiletto heels to gouge and poke and jab every inch of Alissa's exposed body. Alissa is then caught in a double leg scissors as she whimpers helplessly and finally passes out. As Darlisa rises she almost kicks Tara with her platform shoes, causing Tara to erupt in anger. As the two friends turn on each other, Alissa comes to and joins the fracas. Soon all three hellcats are naked and allegiances change as often as the tide. Breasts, crotches, and asses are tortured and abused until one girl is finally left sweaty and beaten on the carpet as two victorious vixens loom over her triumphantly. But who wins, and who loses? The journey to the answer is a road filled with fleshy delights.


NEXT WE FIND OUR DEAR FRIEND HOLLYWOOD waiting impatiently in the backyard for the arrival of sultry Santana. Hollywood wants to prove she's the most dominant wrestler of Double Trouble Productions and surprises Santana with swift punches to the Latin lovely's gut. Before Santana can catch her breath, Hollywood knocks her out with a rag soaked with chloroform and strips her down to her bra and panties. Then the L.A. blonde drapes Santana over her shoulder and carries her into the ring where the semi-conscious Santana is stripped of her bra and subjected to violent leg drops, head scissors, body punches, face-sitting, breast smothers and sleepers. Santana is totally wiped out as Hollywood props her on top of a chair in order to photograph her prize. Without warning, Santana sparks back to life and slams her fist deep into Hollywood's stomach. Now, it is Hollywood's turn to suffer at the hands of Santana, who adds insult to serious injury by removing all of Hollywood's clothing, leaving every inch of sinewy flesh vulnerable for unceasing assaults. In the end one naked warrior is left bound and unconscious on a chair in the middle of the ring, where we soon learn that this lovely war is far from over.