1 hour — $59.95


OUR FIRST MATCH BEGINS with the ever-dangerous Raven, in a one-piece green suit, sparring with an upright mat in our wrestling ring. The kicks and punches come fast and furious as Raven all but knocks the stuffing out of the mat, as Tasha, in t-shirt and shorts, watches impressed from outside the ring. Tasha is interested in doing some sparring with the mat as well, but Raven has a more diabolical idea. The dark beauty has grown bored with punching an inanimate object. It will be so much more fun to have a punching bag that screams when hit. And scream Tasha does as she is taken totally by surprise by Raven's furious flurry of fists and feet. The blonde victim quickly finds herself stripped to her panties as Raven pounds on Tasha's exposed tits mercilessly. Even with the unrelenting assaults on Tasha's breasts, crotch and ribcage, Raven takes particular pleasure in pulverizing Tasha's vulnerable belly, brutalizing that tender region with a continuous barrage of steel-like knuckles. This slugfest ultimately takes a kinky turn when Tasha finds herself tied to the upright mat, quite literally becoming Raven's new punching bag. One that screams.


IN OUR SECOND SLUGGING MATCH, referee Yvonne signals Francesca and Marjone to take turns beating up the hapless Mark, who is easy prey as his stomach and groin provide easy targets for the beauties' assaults. After Mark goes down, Marjone is unexpectedly grabbed from behind by the ref as her own partner suddenly turns on her. Yvonne and Francesca take turns punching Marjone in the gut, crotch and, of course, those magnificent, bountiful breasts. As Marjone is thrown against the ropes, she bounces into a waiting clothesline smash to her neck, sending her crashing to the mat. As the breathless Marjone squirms on the mat Francesca and Yvonne become a bit too overconfident and one of them is caught totally unprepared for Marjone's kick to the crotch. With one girl down, Marjone corners the other and begins raining down her own torrent of punches to her opponent's most vulnerable regions. When through with one, Marjone begins work on the other. It would seem that Marjone may actually come out on top in this two-on-one fist-feast. . . but perhaps now it is she who has become a tad too overconfident. If you like your punches in bunches than this slugging extravaganza will certainly satisfy your hunger!