1 hour — $59.95

TWO MATCHES SHOWCASING four gorgeous knockouts with four of the greatest sets of knockers known to man!


WE'LL LET THE RING ANNOUNCER set the first one up for you: "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a classic match between two great wrestlers. They have met four times in the ring before, with each of them winning two matches apiece. This will be a one-fall, no-holds-barred pro-style wrestling sudden-death match. Pin fall only. There will be no submissions." Then the combatants are introduced: two of Double Trouble's most popular bouncing blonde battlers, Sandy and Quisha. Each girl talks trash to the other, each determined to tear her opponent apart and settle, once and for all, which one of them is worthy of being called champion. The ensuing match turns out to be a mixture of science and savagery as expertly executed pro-style holds like headlocks, wristlocks, full nelsons and snapmares are intermingled with hairpulls, kicks and punches to the stomach, head and, of course those tempting breasts. Just as their flimsy bikini tops cannot reign in their fleshy mounds of overabundance, these two voluptuous veterans likewise hold nothing back in carrying out their personal vendettas. In the end only one bodacious battler gets to claim victory, but it's one helluva thrill ride to that exhilarating, and enervating, conclusion.


THE SECOND MATCH BRINGS one of our most popular new additions to the DT stable, the ravishing and sumptuous Shannan, face to face (and chest to chest) with the equally gorgeous and ample-bosomed Marjone. Both woman are topless from the beginning, scorching the screen with their searing sensuality. When this battle is announced as an anything goes, pin falls only match, ending only when one grappler can no longer continue, it becomes immediately evident that Shannan takes "anything goes" quite literally as she attacks Marjone from behind before the exotic beauty can even remove her robe. In just one fall alone Marjone is punched and kicked while backed into the ring corner, stomped while flat on her back, choked with the sash from her own robe, bounced from one side of the ring to another, and caught in not one, but two, flying body splashes as Shannan propels her remarkable body from the top rope and onto the prone, helpless Marjone. The first fall is Shannan's and the cocky newcomer smells a quick and easy victory. However, Marjone rises to her feet, ready to continue, refusing to be beaten so easily and Shannan realizes that this may not be such an easy win after all. Big-bosom brutality at its bombastic best!