1 hour — $59.95

THIS POPULAR FANTASY SERIES by comics superstar GEORGE PÉREZ begins Stage Two! New heroines! New villainesses! New thrills!


OUR FIRST ADVENTURE BEGINS with master thief Mia Walters lured to a dark storage area to supposedly steal some important files. When a voice suddenly calls out from a computer terminal, Mia learns that she has in fact been chosen to become the newest member of the Sisterhood of Superheroines — once she passes a brutal initiation. In a flash of blinding light, Mia disappears — and in her place is the emerald warrior called Sprite, who is then teleported to the Arena of Champions. There Sprite encounters the deadly dynamo called Corpus Christine (Christine Dupree) who is also there to audition for the Sisterhood. Corpus Christine laughs at the tiny upstart and proceeds to demolish the hapless Sprite. The rookie heroine barely retaliates as she is thrown, punched, piledriven and utterly humiliated by her masked opponent. Finally, the semi - conscious Sprite is tied to the arena ropes and is ensnared in Corpus Christine's killer sleeper hold. But... just as Sprite is about to be destroyed an incredible transformation takes place. Corpus Christine's eyes widen as she suddenly finds the tiny Sprite replaced by the towering, hulking Amazon known as Spite (Spice Williams). Spite vows to avenge her alter ego and soon it is Corpus Christine who is on the receiving end of savage punches, kicks, chops, body slams, airplane spins and devastating choke holds. A surprise ending caps off this super battle where the line between heroine and villainess is blurred beyond recognition.


NEXT WE HAVE a new pair of heroines, Night Witch (Marjone) and her young sidekick Wildchild (Alicia), receiving an invitation to join the Sisterhood of Superheroines. When the reluctant and suspicious Night Witch declines the offer, the impetuous Wildchild decides to accept the invitation on her own and makes her way to Sisterhood Headquarters. However, Night Witch's instincts prove to be right as Wildchild learns that she has walked into a trap and is soon face - to - face with a whip - carrying, leather - clad menace known as Domina (a wonderfully sneering Julie DC). When Wildchild proves no match for the dominatrix, who uses her mammoth breasts to smother the struggling heroine, the stage is set to use the defeated blonde as bait for her shapely, dark - caped partner. Night Witch fares little better than her young partner and eventually the dynamite damsels find themselves bound and ball - gagged outdoors as the sinister Domina prepares to amuse herself by torturing and punishing the captured crimefighters. Can the bound bombshells escape the stinging wrath of the deadly Domina? Tune in and find out!