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WE BEGIN OUR FIRST TALE in the backyard where Gasae is applying polish to her toenails in preparation for her date. When Mia arrives she volunteers to help, but Gasae says that she doesn't let anyone touch her feet. Not only is she a perfectionist about them, she's also ticklish. Gasae shows Mia a picture of her boyfriend — who turns out to be Mia's man! Gasae tries to leave but the angry Mia yanks her over to the ring and demands that they settle their feud here and now. Gasae is reluctant, but Mia gives her no option as she attacks Gasae, punching and throwing her all over the ring. Mia swings behind Gasae and rips off her bra, allowing her to squeeze and torture Gasae's tender tits without encumbrances. As Gasae is pinned to the mat, Mia begins torturing her rival's ticklish tootsies. This is too much for Gasae to endure and she tosses Mia off, beginning her own desperate counterattack. But, will it be enough to hold back Mia's jealous rage? All we can tell you is that one woman ends up bound and unconscious — and easy pickings for one final degradation.


IN OUR SECOND MATCH, WRESTLING COACH Andrew, frustrated with the timidity and lack of killer instinct of his protege Karen (played by Spice), decides to use hypnosis in order to release the passion and fury that Karen had been suppressing for so long. As Andrew casts his spell he describes how a snap of his fingers will strip away all of Karen's inhibitions, unleashing the full power of the fighter known as Spice that lurks deep within. The trance can then only be broken by the ringing of an alarm clock. Then Andrew snaps his fingers-- and Spice does indeed come alive as the last vestiges of the timid Karen vanish into the ether. Suddenly, not only does Spice overpower Andrew, she absolutely loves doing it. When the alarm goes off, the spell is broken, but Andrew is quite pleased with the results. As he leaves the room, he absentmindedly snaps his fingers — and the devil inside Spice escapes again. This time, however, Andrew is unprepared for Spice's furious attack — and now the alarm clock is broken. During the course of this one-sided battle, Spice takes particular delight in crushing Andrew with her powerful, sinewy legs and stomping him with her feet. Even though the clock is broken it's soon quite evident that, for Andrew, time has definitely run out.