1 hour — $59.95


WE BEGIN THIS HARD-HITTING TAPE with a four-way, anything-goes match in which each of the four wrestlers (Mia, Kat, Yvonne and Francesca) battles without knowing who is or isn't on her side. A solid pin eliminates a wrestler. As you can guess, this gets chaotic very quickly and it soon becomes more than the poor referee can handle, even with help — or is it interference? — from outside ref Santana. Each lethal lovely takes her turn doling out and receiving savage punches all over her beautiful body. It isn't long before every one of them has lost her top, subjecting exposed breasts to bare-knuckled assaults. Even as one girl is double-teamed, one of her opponents suddenly turns on the other and things continue becoming more and more unpredictable. One girl is eliminated early, another pulverized into unconsciousness outside the ring, and yet another rises from defeat to find a new, unexpected ally — or is she an enemy? And when the ref himself is attacked. . .


IN OUR SECOND MATCH we start with the magnificent Marjone preparing to defend her championship belt against the leading contender Yvonne. However, the referee enters the ring with Francesca and is surprised that Yvonne has not yet arrived. Francesca, being the next contender on the list, agrees to fight Marjone in Yvonne's place. When the match officially begins, Francesca shoots out of her corner like a cannonball and begins barraging Marjone with an unrelenting flurry of pounding punches. Marjone barely puts up a defense as Francesca, stripping the champion of her bikini top early on, seems determined to destroy the champion once and for all. Marjone's mammoth mammaries become punching bags as she slumps against the ropes. Just as Francesca seems on the brink of victory, Yvonne enters the ring, accusing Francesca of making her almost miss the match. When Francesca lets her guard down to attend to Yvonne, Marjone takes back the advantage and slugs away at the startled Francesca. The referee is totally unable to control these punching powerhouses and is ultimately forced to make a fateful decision — one that is going to make one slugger very, very angry.