1 hour — $59.95


OUR FIRST MATCH BEGINS WITH bountiful blonde Katrina on the phone bragging about how she bit Yvonne into submission during their last biting encounter in Tape #377. Yvonne walks in and, to Katrina's surprise, appears to hold no grudges about that fang-fest. In fact, Yvonne sidesteps the issue and says that she just got a job as a masseuse and wants to practice on Katrina. Now, what woman can say no to a free massage? As Katrina lays on the carpet, Yvonne begins rubbing Katrina's shoulders. Then her back. Then her legs. Then Yvonne sinks her teeth into Katrina's leg! Katrina screams as she realizes too late that Yvonne hasn't forgiven her. Now, it is Katrina's turn to be used as a chew toy! As Katrina's hands are tied behind her Yvonne feasts on soft, tender thighs, succulent breasts, rounded rump and, for desert, a snack of chewy lady fingers. Yes, payback is a bitch and her name is Yvonne!


IN OUR SECOND MATCH WE FIND SANTANA lying on a mat in the backyard and sunbathing in a white bikini that richly highlights her dark, sultry skin. Sexy little blonde Kat tries to ambush Santana who learns that she is a valuable prize in a scavenger hunt. Kat loses the element of surprise when she trips over the mat and Santana starts fighting back. When sheer strength proves unsuccessful, Kat resorts to knocking Santana out with a golf club. Kat starts dragging the unconscious latin beauty to the redemption center but is stopped by Cindy, who aims to claim Santana for herself. The claim jumper soon knocks out the tiny blonde and starts hauling Santana away--until Santana inconveniently wakes up. Santana is none too happy about any of this and starts meting out her revenge against the treasure hunters. In the end two unconscious babes are carried into the bedroom, then into the parlor, and finally into the yard where they are left to be picked up by the local messenger service.