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WHEN IT COMES TO GIRL - ON - GIRL erotic torture, few seem to enjoy it as much as the tantalizingly terrible Tasha — as Mia once again learns to her horror. Our sweet little Mia is found waiting excitedly for the arrival of her friend Francesca. However, it is Tasha who appears, claiming that Francesca learned of Mia's infidelity and has sent Tasha to teach the cheating Mia a lesson. Despite Mia's denials Tasha demands that Mia remove her robe and prepare for punishment. But, as Mia does so, the sight of the pert brunette's white bikini caressing her firm body arouses Tasha who kisses Mia full in the lips while simultaneously trying to strip her. Mia retaliates by pounding Tasha away. Big mistake. After a few good throws by Mia, Tasha soon gets the upper hand and never lets up on the punishment. Mia is pounded and twisted all over the mat and is eventually tied up and hoisted on the turnbuckle where she is further gut-punched, nipple-pinched and chewed upon. Even when poor Mia has finally succumbed to the brutal assault, it is quite clear that Tasha has even more plans. After all, Mia was being such a bad girl — and bad girls deserve a good spanking.


AFTERWARDS, WE FIND TASHA sitting in her living room as young Tara enters wearing a bikini and wrapped in a beach towel. Tara had thought that she and Tasha were heading for the beach, but Tasha seems to have more amorous adventures in mind. Tara is uncomfortable with Tasha's advances so Tasha throws down a challenge. The girl who can knock out her opponent the most times wins the right to do whatever she wants to her unconscious victim. Tara, bragging that she is the better fighter, accepts and immediately attacks the surprised Tasha and uses her beach towel to choke her. One girl is soon out, but things don't always play out predictably in these sorts of matches. After several more choking submissions, the ultimate loser finds herself naked on a bed and easy prey for her conqueror's pleasure.