1 hour — $59.95


OUR FIRST MATCH COMBINES TWO of our most popular fighting genres: the multi-fall match and sleeper submissions. With Christine refereeing, a pair of our all-time favorites, Julie and Francesca, both topless, enter the ring and proceed to tear at each other for eleven grueling, torturous rounds. Even as these beautiful bodies are punched and kicked with savage abandon, these punishments are but preludes to each fall's furious finale. Each round ends with a long, lingering sleeper hold in which the victim struggles valiantly and vainly as her consciousness is slowly and agonizingly squeezed out of her quivering body. Eleven vicious rounds, eleven deadly sleepers. In the end which beauty will sleep that long final sleep?


OUR SECOND BATTLE IS A SPECIAL superheroine ring adventure that, while not part of the Sisterhood of Superheroines series, still provides all the excitement you can expect when two delectable beauties dressed in masks and boots battle each other for supremacy. The Amazonian Superheroine from Down Under, Lisa Marie, has come to America to accept a challenge from the black-masked Bobbie. Surrendering their power belts, the wondrous women begin fighting a fairly straight wrestling match with the superheroine taking the early advantage and the villainess suffering through long leg scissors, headlocks and backbreakers. Lisa Marie, certain of victory, becomes overconfident and allows the desperate Bobbie to pull down Lisa Marie's star-spangled bra and maul her exposed vulnerable breasts — the amazing Amazonian's one weakness. Lisa Marie's strength is soon sapped and Bobbie takes great pleasure in punching, kicking and otherwise torturing the New Zealand powerhouse. Will the superheroine be able to rally from the brink of defeat and beat back the villainess' assault? We know, but we ain't telling.