45 minutes — $59.95


A VETERAN FEMALE GRAPPLER is like a master gunfighter; there's always some young upstart, full of attitude, hoping to prove herself faster and stronger than she is. And if there's one thing newcomer Shannan has in abundance — besides her obvious, bountiful beauty — it's New York attitude. Which is clearly evident as she fearlessly challenges the equally cocky and bodacious mat veteran Sandy to a knockdown, dragout ring battle. Their bikini tops (Shannan in green and Sandy in a star-spangled print) barely contain their generous mounds and within moments the breasts are freed from their flimsy confines as these hellcats take turns torturing each other with grueling leg scissors, chokes, body throws and other punishing holds. After suffering through a series of crushing bearhugs, one girl is pummeled repeatedly in the corner of the ring and draped over the top ropes for more punishment. The advantage continues to flip-flop until one girl rallies from near-defeat to demolish her opponent. Even as the victor looks down at her beaten foe, her own wobbly legs are a clear testament to how hard-won this victory was.


THE SECOND MATCH FOLLOWS A SIMILAR SCENARIO, but this time we spotlight two of our smaller girls. Seasoned pro, Mia, is infuriated that the busty Raq-L has been calling her a hopeless has-been. When Mia challenges the tiny blonde upstart to a match in order to prove Mia's mettle, the arrogant Raq-L merely laughs, angering Mia even more. It is quite obvious that Mia is determined to teach Raq-L a hard lesson and it is Mia who gets in the first throw. But Raq-L quickly rallies and the advantage changes hands several times with bodies thrown and battered, bikini tops ripped away, hair pulled, necks choked and limbs twisted beyond endurance. Finally, one girl gains the upper hand and never lets up. At one point a hair band is used to bind one wrestler's hands as her opponent continues working her over as the assault gets more and more devastating. Both these battles put years of pro experience to the test against youthful arrogance. Can you guess who will win?