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THIS IS IT! The final two chapters of our 5-part superheroine serial written by comics legend GEORGE PÉREZ!


CHAPTER 4: THE BATTLE OF BRITTANIA finds the vicious assassin Darkraven (played by Raven) unexpectedly teleported to the Arena of Champions by the caped crimefighter from across the Atlantic, the self - proclaimed superheroine champion Britannia (Yvonne). Darkraven, who's had no time to prepare a battle plan, is clearly intimidated by the bombastic Brit. And when Darkraven's Hypno Ray proves ineffectual against Britannia's Power Mask, it looks like the assassin may have finally met her superior. However, Britannia's own bravado proves her own undoing as Darkraven succeeds in yanking off the mask from the startled heroine's beautiful face. How long can a depowered Britannia withstand the sadistic, face - punching, crotch clawing, breast - kicking assault of this most deadly adversary? The answer is written in blood during this brutal battle.


WHICH LEADS US finally to Chapter 5: DEATH AND THE SUPER MAIDEN, where the triumphant Darkraven is challenged by none other than Super Maiden (Katrina), who had all but disappeared after being beaten by Britannia (in Tape # 388). Darkraven, insulted by Super Maiden's challenge, promises to teach the fabled heroine a lesson she will never live to forget. When they meet in the Arena of Champions, Darkraven begins the most savage attack she's ever launched at the buxom bombshell and it looks like Super Maiden may indeed join her sisters in defeat and degradation. Darkraven blasts away at the golden - haired gladiator with powerful punches, throttling throws, killer kicks and chilling chokes. When our bloodied heroine is finally caught in Darkraven's deadly sleeper — the very hold that destroyed all the other maids of might — it appears that the slaughter has claimed yet another virtuous victim. Or has it?