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THE SCENE OPENS AS A PISSED-OFF KATRINA interrupts Julie's ringside exercise routine. Katrina accuses Julie of spreading rumors that Katrina is a washed-up wrestler. Even though Julie denies ever saying such a thing, Katrina is unconvinced and challenges Julie to a two-out-three submission match. Julie really resents being called a liar and accepts the challenge. The two women strip down to their bikini bottoms as Katrina proudly displays her massive breasts, as if hoping to intimidate her slender enemy. It isn't long before a series of flips, body-tosses and camel clutches gives one girl the definite advantage and eventually the loser is trapped in several long, lingering leg scissors. The whimpering victim flails pathetically as her head, boobs, ribs and waists are all subjected to the iron grip of powerful, sinewy thighs. Will Julie be vindicated? Will Katrina be the victor? Will this match even make it to three rounds?


TASHA IS PROUD OF HER STRONG ABS, very proud. So proud that when Tara cockily claims that it is she herself that has the stronger stomach, Tasha challenges the young upstart to an anything-goes match where the goal is to knock all the wind out of one of those proud, powerful bellies until the loser is totally unconscious. Then the winner will get to pose the loser in as many compromising positions as her devilish mind can imagine and send photos to the loser's family and boyfriend. With the stakes so high, these vicious vixens waste no time in trying to get the upper hand — deep into each other's gut. Eventually even bikini tops are ripped off and used as weapons, but the arsenal of choice is definitely their rock-hard fists, pounding and pounding on taut, tender tummies. In the end, one girl is poised with her camera as her victim lies draped against the ropes, stripped of her bikini, and her pride gone with her wind.