45 minutes — $59.95


DURING A RINGSIDE INTERVIEW, Julie is bragging about how thoroughly she whupped and humiliated poor Bobbie in their last encounter. Bobbie, in black bikini and stockings, enters the ring and challenges the haughty Julie to a re-match. When Bobbie's friend Mia arrives Julie's bravado gets the best of her and she challenges both girls at once. It is a mistake that the lithe beauty will live to regret as Mia and Bobbie immediately double-team her and punch her quickly into a stupor. From this point on, the hapless Julie is easy and delectable prey as Mia and Bobbie drag her to mid-ring where Julie is propped up to be the filling in a slamming babe sandwich. Then the two - on - one action heats up to full boil as one girl traps Julie in a Boston Crab as the other girl repeatedly stomps the red-headed victim in the head. Backbreakers, crotch-stomps, piledrivers and sleepers are but a few of the tortures that Julie has to endure as her pleas for mercy are woefully denied and she literally has the spit knocked out of her. Even when she is finally unconscious, tied up and topless, the destruction is not over. Bobbie and Mia are determined to totally break Julie's spirit once and for all. Punchin' Julie is only the beginning. . .


NEXT WE FIND JULIE AND BOBBIE have made up as they stretch in the ring wearing bikinis and knee high black tights. They eagerly wait for Francesca because she's been talking way to much trash. Also, truth be known, Julie really wants Julie really wants to be on the paired side dishing out the punishment instead of getting it, and it's quite evident she remembers her beating as most of the same devastating moves are now repeated on poor Francheseca, not one devastating crotch stomp or piledriver is left out. They even repeat tying up the topless victim and inflicting that final humiliating destruction. Yes Julie much prefers being paired for pain than on the receiving end. Two against one may not be fair but it is devastating, especially when the two are PAIRED FOR PAIN!