1 hour — $59.95


WE CONTINUE FROM WHERE we last left our ladies in tape #390 except that Alicia and Katrina have come to and taken off, leaving only Christine still unconscious. This sexy adventure begins with a naked Hollywood entering her bedroom after destroying the other would be actresses. Anxious to get to a movie audition, the sexy siren slithers into her short tight dress and puts on her high-heels. Meanwhile, as Hollywood primps in front of a mirror, we find the scrumptious Christine awakening nude in the parlor. Realizing that she's going to be late for the audition, Christine quickly gets dressed and rushes into the bedroom to get to her makeup case — the one being used by Hollywood. When the starlets again realize they're both auditioning for the same part, the claws are bared and an epic catfight begins. Punches and hairpulls are but a prelude to even more savage attacks as the two fiery felines spill their fight out into the living room where they both eventually and inevitably tear off each other's dresses to allow for even greater punishment. Beautiful faces are buried in sweaty crotches, tits are tortured, boobs are bruised as these trash-talking Tinseltown tootsies scratch, claw and pummel each other mercilessly. Have you ever wondered just how far a starlet would go to get a part? Well, you're about to find out — and how!


FROM TWO ANGRY WILD THINGS we move to another very irate wild one, yes and Quisha is one lady you don't want mad at you, as our two luscious blonds find out. It seems our two curvaceous vixens, Katrina and Alicia have been talking behind Quisha's back and she's spoiling for vengeance. Inviting them over independently allows her to subdue and tie up each of them, then she leads our two beauties in their high heels and swank dresses to her ring of vengeance. Once in the ring she unties one fearful victim and sets upon destroying her as the other bound beauty watches knowing she's next. Before long both ladies are demolished and naked except for their high heels, but our topless destroyer is by no means finished — no, because she is definitely on the wild side. Another real classic tape for the fabulous WOW series, featuring some of the most beautiful ladies in the world who bare it all for you.