1 hour — $59.95

WHAT'S UP WITH TASHA? She just seems to LOVE torturing our poor little Mia.


IN THE FIRST MATCH, not only do we find Mia hanging unconscious on the ring ropes after another defeat, but Tasha arrives and decides that she wants to make Mia her own personal punching bag. Pinching Mia's tits to awaken her, Tasha feigns concern for the breathless, battered babe. To Mia's horror, however, she becames all too quickly aware that Tasha's intentions are far from benevolent. Tasha just wants Mia to be aware of every sadistic move inflicted on her. Exhausted and barely conscious, Mia barely resists as she is subjected to vicious leg spreads, bearhugs, and blows and kicks to her every part of her battered body. It's a delirious symphony of demolition as Tasha sings merrily, relishing every second of playtime with her own private toy.


IN THE SECOND MATCH, Tasha finds her favorite victim lying outside on a mat, resting from a previous match. The slender blonde seems enthralled with the idea of stripping Mia of her white bikini, but Mia tells her to get lost. Tasha doesn't much like Mia's attitude and challenges her to a no-holds-barred match in the ring. When she calls Mia a "kid" Mia's dander is really up. It isn't long into the match when Mia's top is ripped off and it is all the tiny brunette can do to stop the crazed Tasha from ripping off Mia's panties. After enduring a series of spankings, chokes and stomach claws, Mia manages to turn the tables on Tasha. But terrible Tasha will not be disuaded from claiming her prize and quickly regains the advantage. One of the most unusual smother holds we've ever filmed brings this match to a surprising conclusion. . . Or does it? It's one unexpected jolt after another as Tasha and Mia really go at it in this delirious double feature.